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I Want It and I Shall Have It

Want is the first step in achieving success. Creating a desire, a want, begins the wheels of success to turn. Sadly enough though "wanting" is not enough. In addition to wanting, you have to believe you can have it. I notice that many people say, "I want" and follow that with "but" and list all the reasons they cannot have what they want. Any words that come before "but" are diminished and cancelled out. To truly have what you want you have to believe it is possible and know that you will have it.

There is a great story in the book "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill (if you haven't read the book you need to and if you have read it you need to reread it) that illustrates the need to believe you can have what you want. Henry Ford decided he wanted a motor that was designed with the entire eight cylinders cast in one block. The engineers quickly told Ford that it could not be done. "The design was placed on paper, but the engineers agreed that it was simply impossible to cast an eight-cylinder engine block into one piece." To this Ford, replied, "Produce it anyway . . . I want it, and I shall have it." It took years to design what Ford wanted, but Ford's belief that he could have what he wanted resulted in the famous Ford V8 Motor.

The first step in success is to want it. The second step is to believe you will have it. The third step is to take persistent action towards obtaining what you want. You have to have passion to create success. You have to really want it. You have to believe it is possible for you to have it and you have to be willing to go after it with gusto.

If you wonder why you don't have what you want, ask yourself if you truly believe you can have it. Before you can manifest anything you have to believe with all your heart that you can truly have it. This sounds simple, but I believe this is the step where many people stop themselves. They truly don't believe they can have what they want.

Be honest with yourself, do you truly believe you can have what you want?

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