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Rachelle's Resources

Articles, Suggested Reading and Quotes

Welcome to the resource section. Here you will find personal growth and self development articles, worksheets, assessments, quotes (all Coach Lee quotes) and other items of value.

You have permission to reprint these articles in your own newsletter or e-zine as long as you leave the article intact and include the copyright information and byline of Coach Lee.

Don't Forget to ask the Cats - The painful lesson of offering a product without focused market research

What to do When the Boss is a Jerk - The "Manage Up" principle

Not Making a Choice is a Choice - Ultimately you cannot escape responsibility at the crossroads of life

No just means "Next Opportunity" - "No" is a flag showing that you are that much closer to "Yes"

Yes, You can say "No" - You really can refuse a request to donate your energy

Create a Prosperity Board - Goals are attained through focus. The prosperity board is the visual focus for your goals.

Introduction to Professional Business and Personal Coaching - An academic paper for Walden University

Send the Elevator Back Down - Now that you have made it, it is time to remember the importance of mentoring.

If You Want all the Credit, You Must be Willing to Take all the Blame - If you did all the work without help, then you must have made all the mistakes too.

How to Make a Graceful Exit - Don't burn your bridges!

Create a Theme for the Year Worksheet - Having a theme for the year is helpful because it provides a focus

The Seven Steps to Goal Attainment - Proven steps to success

How To Be A Brownnoser - A brownnoser and a good employee are just a matter of perspective

You Have To Be Ready - You will find the necessary commitment to attain your goals only if you are ready

Stick With It - To make it you have to have it

You Are Worth It - Invest In Yourself - Invest in yourself or wake one day to a deficit you cannot balance

Rediscovering The Meaningful Conversation - Meaningful conversation is becoming a lost art

A Live It - Making real change

If You Are Not Ready Don't Start - Take action, but only if it is right

You Can't Have An Intelligent Conversation With Everyone - Most often, the ability to engage in intelligent conversation is a matter of emotional quotient (EQ) rather than intelligence quotient (IQ).

Working With The Generations - For the first time in history four generations are in the workforce.

What To Do When A Coworker Turns Nasty - School yard bullies in the workplace

Compartmentalize - Multitasking is out

Getting Started Is The Toughest Part Of The Job - No project can ever finish until it it started

Be Discontented With The Status Quo - Even when things are running well that is the time to look for improvements

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