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Rachelle's Suggested Reading

You can order any of these books today from Just click on the book graphic and follow the instructions.

The Gift of Play

This is a lighthearted and fun book about the serious benefits of play. Knowing Barbara personally, I know that she wrote this book from her heart and her own personal experiences. Barbara walks her talk or should I say plays her play. One only has to meet Barbara to know that she is play in action. She carries with her a strange array of toys and one never knows when she might breakout into something playful and amusing. I loved the book because it so much reflected what I know to be true about Barbara. She makes play a part of her life and she encourages other to do so too.

Extraordinary Success
"Achieving Extraordinary Success as a Coach is the one book I would have given anything to have had available to me as I was trying to navigate my way from successful author and speaker to that of a successful coach. Having this book would have saved me years of trial and error and earned me tens of thousands of dollars in the process. This is an essential resource for anyone wanting to have a successful full or part time coaching business." Jim Donovan, Author, Reclaim Your Life.
Ya-Ya Sisterhood
This link is to the unabridged audio tape version of the book read by Judith Ivey. Ms. Ivey brings individual characters to life using only her voice in an incredible, marvelous way. The book is great fun, but the storyteller makes the experience even better.
The Gift of Jazzy
Ok, I admit it; I bought this book based on the cover alone. I picked the book up in an airport bookstore knowing nothing about it.

I had a two-hour layover so I decided to pick up a book to read during the trip back home. I went right to the self-help books (force of habit). Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted this book with a picture of a Yorkshire terrier in a box. I went over and looked at the book and I set it back down. After all, I thought, I should get a real book, a book that would provide a learning experience or something like that, but that little Yorkie on the cover had stolen my heart. I went back and bought the book.

And I am glad I did. It is one of the sweetest books and has a great story to it. The author is Cindy Adams the New York Post gossip columnist. The story is about how a puppy helped her heal and cope with the death of her husband. They were married 40 years. I cried, I laughed, I shook my head and I related to this funny and touching story. I finished reading the book by the time I got home.

This is a "Leave a smile on your face" book, a must read for a lazy day or a long flight home.

Contest Queen

I started a new hobby, "sweepstaking." I actually had a strange experience that started me on this path. I was taking my morning walk when the voice in my head said, "If you enter a contest you will win a car." This was a strange thought to me because I have never been one to enter contests or sweepstakes. During my walk, I began to think about this and how that might work. I wondered if there were contests that gave away cars and how one might find out about them. By the time I got home, I was truly intrigued.

I was blessed with the gift of knowing that anything I want to know is in a book somewhere. I now have updated this to know that any information I want to know is in a book somewhere on the Internet. I went right to the Internet, put in "How to Enter Contests" and came up with the book, Contest Queen by Carol Shaffer. Carol has won over $150,000 worth of goods in seven years. She is truly amazing. The book was well written and informative.

If you want to learn more about how to enter contests and sweepstakes get the book. It is an easy read and will give you a good idea whether this is the hobby for you.

The Portable Coach: 28 Surefire Strategies for Business and Personal Success by Thomas B. Leonard, Byron Laursen (Contributor).

Coach Lee: "An exciting, profoundly transformational system that will reorient your approach to life and help you attract success, happiness, and fulfillment."

Take Yourself to the Top: The Secrets of America's #1 Career Coach by Laura Berman Fortgang.

Power Networking: 55 Secrets for Personal & Professional Success by Sandy Vilas, Donna Fisher.

Tuesdays with Morrie: An Old Man, a Young Man and the Last Great Lesson by Mitch Albom

Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl (Preface), Gordon W. Allport (Preface)

A Father's Book of Wisdom by H. Jackson Brown

Never Confuse a Memo With Reality : And Other Business Lessons Too Simple Not to Know by Richard A. Moran

Jonathan Livingston Seagull : A Story by Richard Bach, Russell Munson

Success Redefined : Notes to a Working Woman by Lori Giovannoni

To the Summit : A Woman's Journey into the Mountains to Find Her Soul by Margo Chisholm, Ray Bruce

Bean Bag Toys : Easy-To-Make Clothing, Furniture, and Accessories by Kathryn Severns

The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason

"When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left I buy food and clothes." Erasmus

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