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You Have The Right To Change Your Mind

Very few things are etched in concrete. You always have the right to change your mind, even if it means someone else won't like it. If you decide that whatever you were going to do isn't right for you, it is best to change your mind before you live to regret your decision.

While in the process of shopping for bedroom furniture I bought and cancelled two sets. I still haven't bought anything, as I just can't find exactly what I want. The second time I cancelled my order my husband told me that the sales person wasn't going to like me much. That may be very true, but the salesperson isn't the one that ultimately has to live with my decision.

The decisions that we make in any moment might not be the decisions that we want to live with. It is good to give yourself permission to reconsider. I have made decisions that I wanted to change, but because of peer pressure, fear or other external forces, I lived unhappily with the decision.

In the moment the decision might seem like the right thing to do, but later you might view it differently. If you decide to change your mind, it is okay. There might be a price to pay, but in the long run it is better to change your mind sooner than later.

I am not saying it is good to be indecisive. There are times, however, when you make a decision that seems right at the time, but viewed from a different perspective, you can tell that it isn't. I often use the three-day rule, if after three days I am still happy with my decision then I go with it. That way I know I am making the decision fully aware. Often when you make a decision in the moment it is based solely on emotion with no logic involved. When you give yourself space to think about the decision, you have the opportunity to blend emotion and logic together to make a more informed decision that you can live with.

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