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Walk Away from the Problem

Life is full of problems, from little ones to big ones. Sometimes the problems can seem overwhelming and create stress and frustration. Trying to solve a problem is not always easy, as it may seem like the answer will never be found. In times when the problem is just too much to deal with, I have found that it is best not to. Walking away from the problem can be the best answer to finding a solution and saving your sanity.

As I was dealing with a computer problem I found myself getting more and more frustrated. After two hours of trying to figure it out and several calls to technical support, no answers were forthcoming. At one point I felt like throwing my laptop computer across the room. Thank goodness I still had enough sanity left to know that wasn't going to help matters. So I walked away from the problem. Instead of trying to tough it out I went and cleaned my kitchen. I figured a little physical activity would at least help release steam.

And you know what? While I was up to my elbows in Lysol I figured it out. I remembered that something similar had happened several months ago and how I fixed it then. After finishing up in the kitchen I went back to the office and viola! The answer that had come to me was the right one. Walking away helped me clear my mind so I could think.

I have read about this theory of removing yourself from the problem and how it can help solve it. I think it is because, when you are in the middle of the problem, it is difficult to see the big picture let alone relax enough to allow your brain to think. I know when I was working on my computer problem I was so frustrated that my brain just shut down. All I could see was the problem. I couldn't focus on anything else. The next time you find yourself in a situation where the answer isn't coming and the frustration is rising, walk away. Go on a break, go to lunch, call a friend, it doesn't really matter what you do. Just remove yourself from the situation. Giving yourself this type of mental break will help you to relax and be able to see the problem more clearly. Even if you don't come up with an answer during your break, when you come back you will be refreshed and ready to dig in with a new attitude and new energy.

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