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Problems become solutions when seen as surmountable challenges that can be faced with support and courage. Problems can seem overwhelming and insurmountable when you are looking at them in the big picture. But, when you break the problem down into manageable sections, gather up the support you need and collect your courage there is nothing you can't conquer.

Any problem can see impossible when you look at it from a distance. You have to get up close to the problem, dissect it and pull apart the pieces. When you deal with just pieces of the problem one at a time, you can begin to see not only how the problem can be solved, but also how the problem can become an opportunity. I remember when I started my business; everything that had to be done was overwhelming. The time, energy and money that it was going to take seemed insurmountable. Because I was passionate about what I wanted to do I didn't let any of the problems stop me. I broke the process down into small manageable pieces and focused on the next thing I had to do. Over time the business took shape and what seemed like problems in the beginning turned into opportunities.

As I am famous for saying, "You can do it on your own, but you don't have to do it alone." Any problem that you face will be easier to solve if you have support. This may mean actual support with the problem or people who believe in you and are cheering you on. Both are important and will help to turn any problem around. When I started my business one of the first things I did was hire a coach. This proved to be invaluable. My coach had the practical experience I needed and was a great cheerleader.

To face any problem you need courage. Courage can sometimes be the most difficult part of the equation because it can be daunting to face the problems head on. Courage, however, is the one ingredient that you must have, the belief in yourself and the fortitude to persevere. When you believe you can do it you are halfway there.

Problems can seem insurmountable when you first view them from a distance. But as you get closer and begin to create a plan to turn the problem around, you will see that the problem is not only surmountable but can turn into an opportunity.

Coach Rachelle Disbennett-Lee, PhD provides daily motivation, information and inspiration to thousands of busy self development enthusiast who want to stay focused and on track to their goals through her award winning e-zine 365 Days of Coaching. For a free report, "The Power of Daily Action - How to create more Wealth, Health and Happiness by Tapping Into the Power of Daily Action" go to

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