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If You Can't Do a Lot, Do a Little

When it comes to making a difference, many people think they have to do a lot to make a difference. My experience tells me that that isn't true. A little can mean a lot and make a big difference even if it is just in the life of one person. It is like my favorite story about the little boy throwing starfish back into the ocean. He couldn't save all the starfish on the beach but, as he threw one in, he knew he had made a difference to that one.

I have a friend who is experiencing a health challenge. There isn't a lot I can do to help her, but there is a little something I can do. When I make dinners at night, I create a dinner for my friend, put it in the freezer and once every couple of weeks I go by and give her the meals. It isn't a big deal, I am cooking dinner anyway, and saving out one portion is easy. I know from experience that this makes a difference. When my mom was so sick it meant a lot to her that her friends stopped by with dinners and snacks for her. One friend stopped occasionally with ice cream, fresh baked pretzels and other snacks my mom loved. It made a big difference to my mom, and even to the rest of her family, because we felt better knowing my mom had things that were mostly nutritious to eat. The smallest efforts can make the biggest difference in ways that you might not even imagine.

Another friend of mind was looking for a way to make a difference in the life of an orphaned child. She didn't want to adopt a child. Her hands were already full with six of her own. So what she did was sponsor a child through an organization. For a small sum of money each month, she was able to provide food and an education for a child. On special occasions she would send her "sponsored son" (as she called him) gifts and letters. The child is now in his thirties and keeps in touch with my friend. He often thanks her for helping him. What my friend did was a small thing, but it made a big difference in the life of at least that one child.

It might be impossible to help everyone in the world, but you can help one person. Helping that one person will make a big difference and create a ripple effect that will go way beyond anything you can imagine. It might not seem like a big deal but to the person you help, it might be life changing. So don't hold back because you can't do a lot and you don't think a little will make a difference. It will make a difference to that person.

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