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A Sign or Just A Rainbow

I believe in signs. I think what seems random or a coincidence is actually a sign. A sign can mean anything you want it to mean, such as “Times are getting better!” Or “Hang in there!” Signs are personal messages we receive from the universe. If we pay attention, signs will appear.

I took my dogs for a walk right after a thunderstorm. We rounded a bend and saw two amazing rainbows stretched across the sky. I had lamented days before that I hadn't seen any rainbows this summer, and I really would enjoy seeing one. I knew it was a sign when I saw the two rainbows so majestically hanging in the sky. A little neighborhood girl rode her bike up next to me, as I was admiring the rainbows, and I said to her, "It is a sign." She replied, "No! It is just a rainbow." Well, to her it was just a rainbow. To me it was a sign, and that is all that matters. Others may not recognize the signs meant just for us, but that doesn't make the message any less important.

A friend lost her husband to a terminal disease. She was distraught over the loss and was having a challenging time coping. She came across a sports jersey during a walk, spread across a rock. The jersey was from her husband's favorite team and the number was that of his favorite player. She took the jersey as a sign that everything was going to be okay. Was it a sign or just a jersey? It doesn't matter. It gave my friend comfort and solace, and that is what matters most. We can find signs all around us if we look for them and drop the judgment of whether it is a sign or just a random coincidence. Maybe, if we don't see it as a sign, the message was meant for someone else.

Life provides all kinds of signs; we simply have to be open and ready to recognize them. Signs come in myriad forms and often look like ordinary things to those who do not understand the significance of the sign. However, if you are open minded to the concept, you will see the sign and receive the message. If you don't believe in signs, that is fine. You won't see them.

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